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Future of the Joshua Website

May 27, 2005

    In the 2005-2006 school year I, Anthony, will no longer be attending Joshua. If anyone wants to help out with the website feel free to email me at tsang@antho.com. The church website will soon be revamped and moved to a new server and I will probably help fully setup the Joshua website. You do not need to have any technical skills. Hopefully one day in the future this can be a website were everyone in Joshua visits, not the barebones, under-updated page it currently is. Joshua Fellowship is not simply something that happens once a week. The internet is another method to continue fellowshipping throughout the week and to keep in contact with one another. Also, if you have any suggestions as to what you would like to see on this website or what would attract you to check it out more frequently please email me at the aforementioned email address. </rambling>

Spring Retreat In Three Weeks

Mar 1, 2005

    Spring Retreat is approaching fast so hurry up and hand in your registration forms. Encourage your friends to go as well but make sure you tell them what it's all about and pass on any information we give you. Early bird registration has already ended but you can still register at the normal cost.

Pictures From Skating And Activites Night

Feb 6, 2005

    Thanks to Colin for taking pictures from these two events. Since there's no room to mirror them here. We'll provide a direct link to his yahoo photo album.

Site Remade

Feb 6, 2005

    We have decided to change the look and feel of the site as this has not changed since the '03-'04 year. This year has seen a lot of change here at Joshua as it only feels right to have the webpage reflect that. The goal of the current layout is to be more event centric and less based on static information. The site will be available in a variety of colours and will all exist on a single page.

    Feel free to email anything you might want to say to us and it will be posted. We will have a form up shortly as well as a calendar for the months of March and April.



May 07
  Prayer & Praise Night
May 14
  Small Group Night
May 21
  Bible Study
May 28
  Church Clean-Up
Jun 04
  Parents' Appreciation Night
Jun 11
  Gym Night
Jun 18
  Bible Study
Jun 25
  Small Group Night
Jul 02
Jul 09
Jul 16
  Bible Study
Jul 23
  Small Group Outreach
Jul 30
  Talk on Teen Addictions
Aug 06
  Farewell/Welcome BBQ
Aug 13
  Gym Night
Aug 20
  RCEFC Summer Camp
Aug 27
  Outreach Event